My name is Sabrina. I’ve always had a passion for photography. I documented my friends ever since I can remember. And I still take photos every day, capturing my world in a rectangle frame. Everywhere I see patterns and lines, character and emotion in people’s faces. I see bokeh, composition, perspective… in colour or in black and white.

In 2006, I graduated as a photographer from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. I started working as a photojournalist for newspapers and magazines. I also began to write for magazines, mostly about food and modern culture. Meanwhile, I was travelling around the world, all by myself. And I still do. I try to get away as often as I can. To photograph surreal landscapes or people that intrigue me.

At this moment, I am working part time as a photography teacher at a creative school in Rotterdam. I am also responsible for the realization of a brand-new photography course in Amsterdam. For both courses I am designing the curriculum and writing teaching materials. On the side, I am working as a travel writer and photographer.

My life is all about photography. Besides a regular DSLR, I also film and photograph using a professional drone.